Saturday, November 14, 2009

Semester 6, week 6, class 19

Its a citrusy week..
Lemon snow, tri-citrus glaze....lemon was good actually..I swear..
Sooo,. day one, we actually just didn't do a whole lot, other than prep sauces, and pistachio brittle.

good stuffz.
We also made the shells for our tri citrus meringue tarts, and the bottoms of our soon to be lemon butter meringue.. or 'swiss meringue dessert' as its called.

Semester 6, week 6, class 18

Another end of the week plating ...

So, we plated the smaller mousse desserts...
As well as making one of the most ridik things.. and insanely lame to make, 'canals'.
Hey, take two spoons and pass this shit between them, and get angrier and angrier as each time passes that you do it and 90% of the time you fuck it up...
even the teacher doesn't do this stupid shit, he has a 'canal scoop'... cheater.
Anyways. Pics. Yes.
So got some uhm, mousse canals going on in a tuille basket there, and yeah.
Poached pear action on the side ... Oh under that basket some raspberry coullis...
Annnd then on the side over there got some.. I think.. I can't quite remember...ok, w/e doesn't matter, some white sauce, lol (how pro of me?..gimme a break too many sauces at once...) with passion fruit in it. And a lamo/orange puff pastry straw. Whew. Oh, cant forget... a slice of orange and stawburrz.

So, smaller mousse plated dessert.
More pears.
More puff pastry sticks.
More coullis.
More tuille... Same ol' shit. Diff day.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Semester 6, week 6, class 17

Doo doo dooo.
Pears are rad.

Finished up the Cakes, they looked ugo.
Plate the mousse and mini cakes tmrw.

Semester 6, week 6, class 16

This week , we did these too good to be true (yeah, I went there) chocolate Marquise mouse cakes with a chocolate ganache glaze. Pretty much a chocolate overload.
Day one , I didn't get many pics.
We also did puff pastry straws, lemon and orange and poached us up some pears :O!
Didn't take too many pics :(
But this...

And there was tons of this involved that day..buuuuut....didn't get any prep pics. sorry.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Semester 3, week 5, class 15

Specially when youre almost done and then you find out you have to put something else on the plate. Then its like, ploop... on the plate. and sort of like, great.. ew. Hate.

These are the lil lime guys by the way. Not like I gave two shits by this frustrating point!

Semester 3, week 5, class 14

Didn't do a whole lot this day I don't think.

If we did, shit I don't remember.

basically prepped for third day..
Which was.. jusst.. lots... and lots of stuff for plating.. woo.
Did these small guys
And finished these big boys.

Cream Cheese Mousse Cake.
It has streusel and caramel milk chocolate sauce on top.

Oh yeah.. It was fucking good.

Semester 3, week 5, class 13

Did some insannnnely deeelish mooooozeeee cakes this week.
Two diff kinds, one a lime and one cheese mouse cake.
They both had a weird apple jelly in them that tasted like apple sauce with a weird ass consistency.
The base of the cake. Crushes up baked ginger dough.
Same as above. Just not crushed.
Filling in the cheese mousse

Semester 3, week 4, class 12

Finishing up those bad boys...
Apple Normad. (It had almond inside O_O)

The finished and decorated Chiboust

These lil adorable guys.

Semester 3, week 4, class 11

This class, we prepped for..
Clafoutis tarts, Chiboust tarts, and Apple Normand.
Some tart shells.

Prepping up the Chiboust
Filling up that Clafoutiiiii
Got some cream up in there for that shiz
and dont forget dem..

Semester 3, week 4, class 10

Probably isn't in order AT ALL because my pics do NOT upload the way they should...
but whatever, pics of shit, it's all good, who gives a fuck?

Pretty sure when I came back from thanksgiving, we did...
Pithivier, which is basically just a shitload of almond cream under some pastry.

Roll dat shiz out

There's almond paste under thurrr

Bake it up, annnnd you're good to go. Nomnomnomnomnom

Made some badass tasting cookies, Palmier...
they might not look like it, but they were mighty tasty.

We also made this hideous thing. And yet again, it tasted good.
The school messed up the recipe and got us to use something we weren't, therefore not letting it set properly... Most likely why they look so weird?

(ugh crooked pic)

Monday, October 19, 2009


One of my bestest buds ever, Axel, took an adventure to NYC and before he went, he made a bunch of clothes and put up a site.
So I thought I'd give him a shout out.
The site is not fully up yet, but check it out when it is, it should be up soon.
I'm looking forward to seeing his clothes he made and his pics.
A shout out to our friend, Hana Tran and her friend who took the photos .
(name unknown, sorry dude).
ByeBye Axel :( See you soon times.
Have an awesome adventure!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Semester 3, week 3, class 9

So we finished up our Mousse cakes last class.
Here they are.

Ze Cassis Chocorate

And ze Champagne Mousse cake with Cassis Jelly

Monday, October 12, 2009

mis placed posting

We actually did this I think in the third week or so.
We did cocoa paintings.
This was my first attempt. The final came out worse because I mixed the cocoa butter with oil and it was a disaster.