Monday, October 19, 2009


One of my bestest buds ever, Axel, took an adventure to NYC and before he went, he made a bunch of clothes and put up a site.
So I thought I'd give him a shout out.
The site is not fully up yet, but check it out when it is, it should be up soon.
I'm looking forward to seeing his clothes he made and his pics.
A shout out to our friend, Hana Tran and her friend who took the photos .
(name unknown, sorry dude).
ByeBye Axel :( See you soon times.
Have an awesome adventure!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Semester 3, week 3, class 9

So we finished up our Mousse cakes last class.
Here they are.

Ze Cassis Chocorate

And ze Champagne Mousse cake with Cassis Jelly

Monday, October 12, 2009

mis placed posting

We actually did this I think in the third week or so.
We did cocoa paintings.
This was my first attempt. The final came out worse because I mixed the cocoa butter with oil and it was a disaster.

Semester 3, week 3, class 7 and 8

This week, we made mousse cakes.
My side of the class made champagne mousse.
The other side made cassis but we switch and get one each and decorate one each.
We did some prep day one and then some more on day two as well as put them together.
On day three we finished them up.
I don't have many pics but here are some of day one and two.

The side for the mousse cake.

Putting that shiz together.

It wasn't actual champagne.. Not gonna lie.. it was sparkling wine.

Mix that up.

The cake had a lining of black current puree in it.. mmm damn yeah it was guuud.

Top that shit off, make it nice and smooth, add some mirroir glaze (which I suck again, and didn't get a pic of... hey now, class gets busy... ) and your done for the day! w00t.

Annnnnd the left over mousse which was nasty as hell by itself. Barf.
I'll post pics of the finished cakes as soon as I get em off my homie Jess' cam.

Semester 3, week 2, class 4, 5, 6

Again, because the lack of pictures...
And me sucking so much ...
This all pretty much gets mushed into one post.
Sorry :(
So, we made "GB bits" (uhm yeah tim bits lol), Breakfast buns, Rum Baba, and (aka Savarin), and Sticky buns. Deep frying the "GB bits'
The Breakfast Bun before the oven.. didn't get a finished pic cuz I suck.

Finished Stick Buns.

And some finished and plated Rum Baba's!

Semester 3, week 1, class 1, 2, and 3

So, considering I didn't have my camera for class one and two, I am just going to sum this entry up into one big mush.
We did various jellies, otherwise known as 'preserves'. ;)
My group did an apply thyme jelly and this bizzare "golden gossip relish'.
This relish was just a big no in my eyes. A mix of many things that should have not been meeting and greeting together in a pan. From what I can recall (as this class was back in September)...
Things I loathe such as onions and peppers..mmm... dates( wth?) uhm.. gee what other weird shit, oh, diced apples, yeah.. lots of gossipers in this relish. Anyways, so we did that, but I didn't get a pic of that tooooo bad right?
I did however grab some raspberry jelly which was pretty good, and I got a picture of the jalepeno apricot jam I ate.

We also made pate de fruits
And blogger is also doing this annoying shit where it decides it wants to underline and not stop. Great.
Which is like a jellied candy of some sort. and insanely sweet.
Mine flew all over the container, so the pics are kind of messy.


So, I moved.
and have no net.
and that sucks dinks... yes.. yes it does. Big time. I have been attempting to take pics...
And have been sucking horribly at it.
So, now that I am out at my moms with my laptop for once, I decided, heyyy I will upload some pics and attempt to try to sort through all this shit and make a few really shitty posts of these past what have been quite the snore fest weeks.....
I am also missing out on few weeks where I either didn;t have my camera... or I didn't wanna take Also, for a while many weeks we just had one class due to reno, so event ho it has three classes it was just really just one. But hey it doesn't matter.