Thursday, February 25, 2010


2 yrs. Lots of bullshit. Lots of wasted times, lots of stress, lots of good times, good ppl, ppl i want to kill, ppl i hate, ppl i come to love, ppl i dont ever have to fucking see again, ppl i hope i will continue to see again..
Today was the final day in our lab exams.
I didnt do amazing, but, I am done, and I dont fucking care.
It looks like I puked up on my plate but I pretty much plated in like, 3 min, and had to gtfo of the room, so I really didnt give a fuck.
Shit kept falling over, things were messy..
I just grabbed anything near my hands and threw it down.
So yah, fuck you GBC! NICE KNOWING YA! Just on the down side I still have to see your ugly face for another 7 weeks on monday for math..ugh.
But, it feels amazing to be done lab, and to know that im gonna be going off to do fucking free labour for 7 weeks.. uh. yeah. free. labour. lame.
Anyways, ill put up pics i have from here and there of the few shitty things we did the past little while. Im off for 'reading week' next week. Wine exam tmrw (so fucked), then off to Petit Four for extern

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Semester 6, week 6, class 25

Hectic fucking semester for sureeee.!!!!!!!1
It was gross out, had a rad/weird winter break (from what I remember...uhhhh..mash)
Anywayyyyys.. heres some pics from the last week of class...yessum.
We did macaroons, Tira Misu (fuck that cheese in it was bawwwmmm diggity bawwm ), Marjolaine cake, and hungarian short bread (which I didn't get a pic of.. durrr)

Some not so good pics of the Marjolaine
It was already boxed but w.e
you get the driftThe Tira Misusususususuuu

We got lemon butter cream..

pipe those bitches out, row by row.

And when they done..
Fill er up!


Semester 6, week 6, class 24

I just noticed a lot of these say week 6.. Oh well. who gives a shit, I know I don't.
Week 6 forever.
This week we made custards, which were deeeleeessh.
A pot de creme, a Chocolate Caramel, and a Panna Cotta.

Choco ciggs

Chocolate caramels

Pot de Creme
Panna Cotta

Semester 6, week 6, class 23

This week we made some lame, ugly ass pastilliage boxes.
Because I thought this was lame and all that, I didn't feel like putting much effort into it (sorry mom!)

Like, really...
Oh yah lets fill it with marzipan fruit...

Semester 6, week 6, class 22

So, we DID have a super stressful and intense chocolate competition, where we did use some of the chocolates from the past post.
We did a showpiece in 3 days.. mine collapsed a lot.. ( I made an ugly owl that did not come out AT ALL btw... ).
Last day went like this.. hey everything breaks.. falls apart, I stick anything I can together, and bam, almost fail.
Upon having to leave for marking, me and Jess book it to Gabby's across the street and drink our hatred away while we await what I think was 2 hours of them marking us...
Go back, see our bad marks, could care less. the drinks softened the blow for sure.
I personally, took my show piece and threw it against a wall. Why would I want that ugly piece of shit looking at me anymore.. ?Oh right, I dont.
Just another day at fucking GBC.

Semester 6, week 6, class 21


Yeah.. as in stress. Pulling eyelashes out. One. By. One.
Chocolate competition coming up. Nerves a racking up. Oh baby.

Rum, caramel.. milk chocolate. 'Nuff said.

Ginger Pops=Barfarooniez
White choccolate moulds You put da lime in da cocanutz ya mix it all togethaaa..
Pop them bad boys out..

Toss that shit up in more white chocolate...
And roll em mofo's around.
Aw yeee.

I wonder how many I ate.....

Semester 6, week 6, class BACK FROM HIATUS


I decided to say fuck updating this shit, I am tired of GBC, its a piece of shit, and just hated it, but I did take pics here and there, sooo I'm gonna try to get some going, even though they are from the end of the last, ghastly semester...

So, these may be the tri citrus tarts..pretty sure they are

Some Swiss meringue desserts

Variation 1
Variation 2
Burn that bitch up

So, I tried to be all weird and go nuts and not be all old school and old fashioned to piss Chef Schaller off..
Ya know, just fuck around, toss some sauce all over...
Make that sugar shit look like an xmas tree, cuz it was that time of the year.. nope. Mission failed. I really wanted to piss him off too.