Thursday, February 26, 2009

School this week.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Semester 2, week 6, class 20

Today, we made petit fours.
They were pretty time consuming, these are what made us late the past two days.
So instead of making 48, we made only 20-24, to save time, and so other classes behind us could continue on with their day.

We started off with the slab cake
Which we cut up into strips.
Slab cake with lemon filling, covered with a thin layer of butter cream and marzipan.

Then, we took those strips, and cut them into various shapes.
Various shapes, diamonds, squares, triangles, rectangles.

Theeeeennn, we covered these things in fondant.
My group chose, orange, pink, green, and yellow.
But there wasn't enough food colouring in this shit, so it didn't turn out quite..bright.
This was pretty annoying.
Trying to get it even along the sides... which it wasn't quite yet here.

Yah. I'm a pretty big fucking slob.

So, colour them bad boys up with the fondant, and then we get again, shitty piping gel.
This time, chocolate... This is when it got really fun!!! (not)

The rectangle. Colour- Orange!!!!!

Diamond. Colour- Pink!!!
(and yet again, my photo gets

Triangle. Colour-green!!!

Square. Colour-Yellow!!!

Them in the box.
I was pretty bummed about the colours. They all looked white.
Too runny, not enough colouring in it.
Also, pissed about spending all the time on it, and then using a shitty piping gel.
It piped on nice, and then 2 minutes later, splooged out, like you can see in this picture.

Petit fours. I hate you.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Semester 2, week 6, class 19

Uhm, what a shitty class.
We, for the 2nd day in a row, got in over 30 minutes late due to the class ahead.
We also ran 45 minutes late..getting out..
Which sucks cuz I was actually the first one done for once.

It was a really stressful class, and I didn't get ANY good pics of the pulled strudel we made.
Which was hard to make.

1) make your mix
2) take the dough, plop it on top of a clean table cloth
3) roll it out a bit
4) stretch till it is as big the fucking table.
5) butter it up
6) add some bread crumbs
7) sprinkle raisins and walnuts all over
8) put apples tossed in cinnamon sugar on one edge..
9) roll it once by hand
10) roll it ..over..and over..and over again, with the table cloth.

The end product is this weird, lumpy roll the size of the table, filled with stuff.

I only got one pic, of it cut up, in a box :(
Yah I know, they look like shit.
Apple pulled strudel or w.e
On top of a lame class, bitch at subway didn't heat my pizza sub.. who does that?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Semester 2, week 6, class 18

Today we made Boston Cream Pies.
They're not really pies... but apparently called that cuz they're made in a pie tin,
and in all honesty.. I've never seen one before today.
And I was wicked sick, so it was awesome standing all morning making these.
I'm surprised they came out decent, in consideration to how out of it I was.

The pie cut up, filled with pastry cream.
Put the tops back on
(ugh whys blogger keep rotating my pics..)

All done up
the 2 in the front have better whipped cream.
Someone in class made the cream for the ones in the back annnd it fucking sucked.

I ated one. All the cream made me feel even more sick, but it was pretty good.
The fondant was a bit much though.

Boston cream pie.
Sponge cake, filled with pastry cream, chocolate fondant glaze, and white fondant drizzle, with whipped cream piping.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Semester 2, week 5, class 17

Decorating daaaaay!
Finally, we get to decorate these cakes in the nice, cheesy, creepy way they should be, to commemorate valentine's day!

The flowers that didn't make the cut

The square shaped one

Mmmmm, nice and tacccky

The heart shaped one

Another pic, I don't know why its at a weird angle, cuz it's not on my comp.
The writing on this fucking sucks.
We used the shitty gel icing to pipe with, and its super clumpy, which makes it super hard.
I always hate my writing when I do it in this crap.


Semester 2, week 5, class 16

Got home way late so I didn't upload shit.

I took some pics of the layered 'valentines' day cake.

Only the bottom layer tasted good.

Sponge cake, layered with, starting at the bottom:
Raspberry jam, raspberry flavoured German butter cream (the pink layers) and on top, the very disgusting Italian buttercream. I don't like it.
Maybe cuz it is all just shortening/butter... but more shortening than anything.

This is the heart shaped one, masked.
We also did a square one.

tomorrow's class (well the one I had today, Friday...) Decorating them nice and cheesy!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Semester 2, week 5, class 15

So I'm awesome and I felt like shit in class.
I had my camerarara in my pocket, yet completely forgot to take pics.
It was just prep. Some really gross icing, and layered sponge cake for 'valentines day' cake.
Also, i hate nutrition class. Project sucks, and is pointless.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Semester 2, week 4, class 14

Was too tired and my comp was unplugged, so I'm uploading shit now.

We finally got to decorate the fucking mousse cakes.

The mini mousse cakes.
Mango mousse with mango puree glaze.
blueberry, mango, and chocolate work (forget the actual term for it)
These had some of the vanilla sponge that was made the other day at the bottom.
(Not the marbled, stripped stuff, that stuffs different)

Thing's that go on top

The big cheese that stands alone.

Same stuff as the smaller ones, just bigger.

The chocolate mousse, with chocolate glaze.
Strawberry and blueberry on top, and chocolate.
There's all these little dents from me trying to put the chocolate fan on.
Then I said fuck it cuz it looked stupid and took it off.
This one has the chocolate sponge in it that was made the other day.
It also has that japonaise stuff at the bottom.

We also made some smaller chocolate ones.
Instead of having a couple layers of cake in them, these had a base that was a chocolate/hazelnut rice crispie base, and it was fucking good.

Oh and....
Not mine, but def worth a mention


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Semester 2, week 4, class 13

Not much today.
Just more fucking prep.

There are two variations of the fruit mousse being done.
Raspberry and mango.
My side of the class did mango.

Just cause I liked the way the eggs looked.

This is the Mango mousse.
My big guns whipped most of it.

This is what the mousse goes into.
It is a vanilla sponge base, lined with a marbled vanilla and chocolate sponge.

This is what it looks like filled up.
Mango mousse!!!

Tomorrow is all decorating. w00t.

Oh, there was also pics of the Chocolate Mousse we were doing, but someone put them somewhere before I could get a shot of them.

Pic tomorrow for sure.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Semester 2, week 4, class 12

Today was prep. Tomorrow..more prep.
Prep, prep, prep, prep, prep....
All for mousse cakes.

We made I think we made a one-step vanilla sponge, and I think a two-step chocolate sponge.
I was so tired I honestly don't remember.
And with my doc calling me like, 3 times, doesn't help either.

So, here is whichever step ...

Vanilla Sponge

And whichever step...

Chocolate Sponge

Those, along with wtf this shit is, Japanoise...
Honestly don't know how it is spelled, some sort of French Meringue. With tons of almonds.

It mixed

It piped into spirals, which was then baked.
Most likely used as the bottom for one of the cakes.

I was told we are doing a mango, and a raspberry Mousse cake.

But.. that wont be until Friday -.-