Thursday, February 25, 2010


2 yrs. Lots of bullshit. Lots of wasted times, lots of stress, lots of good times, good ppl, ppl i want to kill, ppl i hate, ppl i come to love, ppl i dont ever have to fucking see again, ppl i hope i will continue to see again..
Today was the final day in our lab exams.
I didnt do amazing, but, I am done, and I dont fucking care.
It looks like I puked up on my plate but I pretty much plated in like, 3 min, and had to gtfo of the room, so I really didnt give a fuck.
Shit kept falling over, things were messy..
I just grabbed anything near my hands and threw it down.
So yah, fuck you GBC! NICE KNOWING YA! Just on the down side I still have to see your ugly face for another 7 weeks on monday for math..ugh.
But, it feels amazing to be done lab, and to know that im gonna be going off to do fucking free labour for 7 weeks.. uh. yeah. free. labour. lame.
Anyways, ill put up pics i have from here and there of the few shitty things we did the past little while. Im off for 'reading week' next week. Wine exam tmrw (so fucked), then off to Petit Four for extern

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