Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Semester 6, week 6, class 22

So, we DID have a super stressful and intense chocolate competition, where we did use some of the chocolates from the past post.
We did a showpiece in 3 days.. mine collapsed a lot.. ( I made an ugly owl that did not come out AT ALL btw... ).
Last day went like this.. hey everything breaks.. falls apart, I stick anything I can together, and bam, almost fail.
Upon having to leave for marking, me and Jess book it to Gabby's across the street and drink our hatred away while we await what I think was 2 hours of them marking us...
Go back, see our bad marks, could care less. the drinks softened the blow for sure.
I personally, took my show piece and threw it against a wall. Why would I want that ugly piece of shit looking at me anymore.. ?Oh right, I dont.
Just another day at fucking GBC.

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